Redwood Restaurant – Website & Social Media

Redwood Restaurant – Website & Social Media

In 2017,  I designed and built the Redwood website using photography that I shot.
I continue to maintain and update the site.

In January 2018, I took over their Instagram and Facebook accounts.  Doing quick photoshoots of the food and posting at least 2 times a week.
I am responsible for managing and maintaining engagement on both accounts.
On Instagram
On Facebook


Examples of Ad content created for Social Media:




Examples of Organic Engagement on Instagram:

6 months after starting with Redwood (Dec 4th), I took their Instagram account from 50 inactive Followers to 516  active ones.  While it is common for people to focus on number of Followers, it is their engagement that is important.  I have focused on getting local Followers that actually have interest in the restaurant, are local Foodies, or just like food photography.

Verbal feedback in the restaurant has been huge.  It is common for people to come in saying they saw something delicious online.

Below are Instagram Insights that show their enthusiasm for the Brand:

With 516 Followers, we are getting very good Reach, and the engagement based on reach is a solid 20%.

I feel it is important to note, that other than one Campaign when I first started, Redwood never pays for any of the content to be Pushed, or as Paid Media.  All Engagement is Organic.

Redwood’s numbers are almost the same, even when the Posts are clearly Ads.