Deep Dark – Social Media

Deep Dark – Social Media

How do you maintain your fan base when you are between projects?
We stay active in the community.

Writer & Director Michael Medaglia’s first film Deep Dark was released in 2015.
In February 2018, I was brought on to replace the previous Social Media Manager.
Our main goal is to keep up awareness of his film, and drive viewers to buy the DVD, or stream it online.
The other goal is to maintain his presence online as he prepares for preproduction of his next film.

I am responsible for posting on all accounts.
Because the Fans/Followers on each account seem to have slightly different focuses, I work closely with Michael in defining the voice of each account.

On Facebook
On Twitter
On Instagram

On Instagram:

While not all of our posts generate a lot of activity.  Staying involved in the community, gets us great spikes on posts about Michaels new projects.

When we announced the Teaser Video for the film M.E.M.